When a business starts to get on its feet and reach a new level of development, it is very important to optimize and automate processes that will help increase the company's turnover and improve internal interaction, both between employees and external - between employees and customers.

We have already written about business automation and auxiliary resources to achieve this goal, such as CRM systems, mailing systems and online assistants, and today we will talk about another type of tools - cloud tools for team collaboration.

Unfortunately, many tools for remote commands are awkward or difficult to use. Choosing the wrong tools can make it even harder to adapt to teleworking in the midst of a pandemic.

As with other services, there is a huge range of such tools for an entrepreneur in 2021, and you need to figure it out before settling on one particular tool in your business. Let's consider the TOP 10 of them.

  • Airtable
  • Bit.ai
  • Evernote
  • Google Suite
  • Hightail
  • InVision
  • MindMeister
  • Slack
  • Teamwork
  • Trello
  • Let's take a look at what these tools are, and what features each of them has.


    The ideal use case for this tool is to create spreadsheets. Of course, it may seem that this service is no different from the usual Excel, but it seems so only at first glance. Airtable has a lot more options. A "base" is created, and yes, it looks like an Excel document, then you divide it into "tables" - it's like sheets in Excel, but then the fun begins - each data row is a separate record in which you can completely customize the fields. You can also link records to each other, add progress lines, and even attach large files. For each table, you can customize "views" as well as Kanban-like boards and Gantt charts.

    With this tool, you can create a marketing plan, a website map, or for example a content calendar.


    • Cloud based.
    • Access to files from a browser or mobile application.
    • Instant data update.
    • Co-editing data simultaneously.
    • Visual perception.
    • Stylish interface.
    • Convenient when using experience.
    • Customizability.
    • It is convenient to organize and configure databases for specific goals and objectives.


      An excellent cloud storage for your documents and files, in which it is possible to create and edit a document in real time by several authors. You can even add limited access to customers for feedback. And also track interaction with documents.

      You can also link other cloud files to your own in Bit.ai and edit documents such as formatting images or embedded content including code blocks and videos. Another handy feature is that you can create special themes to give your documents a consistent corporate identity.


      • File security.
      • Instant saving and distribution.
      • Templates
      • Attractive and flexible interface


      Create countless notes and organize them into notebooks, share with colleagues and better organize your workflow. You can even scan text within an image added to a note using the search function. All these features are inside Evernote.

      What else? Attach lists and due dates, or use Work chat to exchange ideas and files. It shows itself well in virtual collaboration.


      • Synchronization and support for any devices
      • Simple and minimalistic interface
      • Integrates with other tools: browser extensions, menu clippings, automation with Zapier and IFTTT


      Family of services Gmail, Docs, Keep, Sheets, Slides.

      Several people can edit and comment on the document at the same time, you can also undo the changes.

      All these services interact with each other, link notes, tasks, everything is at hand, it is easy to share any documents.


      • Instantly save, sync and share files
      • Easy to use apps
      • Huge file storage


      An excellent solution for file sharing and information storage. One of the fastest services of its kind.

      Send files instantly to clients and colleagues, you can also preview files in the browser and leave comments.

      Now it has a project and task management function, and you can also store heavy PDFs and videos in the cloud.


      • Storing and sharing very large files
      • Very easy to use
      • Adaptability


      The main function of the service is prototyping for designers, but it has more features. In remote work, he helps to give the team targeted feedback in an interactive layout, as well as share the design within the team and comment on individual design elements.

      The simple interface, understandable even for a beginner, and the ability to create stunning layouts attract many designers to use this service.


      • All projects in the cloud
      • Freehand drawing options and mood board
      • Comments are not confused, but refer to a specific element


      Reliable mapping tool, ideal for remote brainstorming of an entire team. You can plan projects, create org charts, mood boards, and any visual layout.

      You can also attach links, images, files, and even emoticons to the visualization. You can draw relationships between nodes, leave a note, or convert your map into a presentation. You define the access level for your colleagues or clients yourself.


      • Ability to share cards
      • Convert map to PDF, Word or PowerPoint.


      This application makes its users fall in love with a huge number of bots and integration, which greatly simplifies teamwork.

      You have the opportunity to interact with colleagues not only through e-mail, but also in special team chats "channels", thanks to Slack.


      • Messaging in the cloud, fast and secure
      • Share large files via the cloud
      • Integration with other services
      • Own themes, many bots and apps to organize yourself


      The name speaks for itself, this application is simply created for teamwork, tracking projects, assigning tasks, checking their progress and solving, as well as discussing everything that you have together.

      Here is a list of tools for managing workload and project milestones. A completely intuitive system that makes it easy to collaborate and access the information you need remotely.


      • File availability via cloud
      • Customizable filters and fields to refine the task
      • Integration with Google Suite and Microsoft Office to optimize workflow


      And last but not least, service. An excellent tool for remote work and joint projects. You can create a board, add cards and various lists to it, stickers move from column to column.

      You can customize each card as needed, add tags, files, due dates, and checklists. Here you can manage anything, from a CRM board to a content calendar, and anything that can be displayed visually. Comments and edits are also available from Trello.


      • Integration from any device and browser
      • Use both drag and drop and keyboard
      • Board settings
      • Templates to use
      • With Power-Ups, you can integrate everything into your Trello boards (Evernote, Harvest, Google Drive, Slack etc.).

      We understand that for some, remote work is a new stage in the workflow, and it is quite difficult for a team to interact at a distance, but we hope that the use of data by the service will help you greatly simplify remote interaction between the team and help the business get through this difficult time.