The year 2021 has come, and the whole world of web design is watching what trends will appear this year, which will make your resource not only selling and functional, but also trendy.

So, trend # 1 'Ideal icons'

Web design has been at a very high level for a long time, and everything in the site should be perfect, polished, and laconic. We advise you to pay attention to the icons, including, they should not be 'motley'.

If you want to keep up with the trend, using icons from different families is prohibited! Also, using icons from stock sites is considered bad manners. It is better to use ready-made special libraries. In the same style, the same parameters and line width.

Icons from different families break the picture as a whole; the project does not seem neat. It is advisable to use newer libraries; this again guarantees a more modern style of icons.

Trend # 2 sounds like 'minimalism and simplicity'

The age of experimentation in the history of interfaces is coming to an end, and designers have agreed that a good interface is one that is not visible.

The main feature of the right interface is functionality. After all, people spend a very large amount of time on the resource, and unnecessary elements are simply distracting. The design should not draw attention to itself, be intrusive, or distract from the content. The best option is white and no design.

In this case, the design is worked out in detail: interface mesh, fonts, icons, colors, UX, animation.

Simple Tips:

  • Leave only the most essential functions for the user in the foreground.
  • Make the interface light and airy. Remove massive colors. Content should remain at the center.
  • Build your design around good fonts, good layout, right accents, icons, consistency.
  • Pay maximum attention to detail.
  • Make the interface 'invisible', but intuitive and convenient.
  • Do not deviate too much from the familiar functions and design for users. Use the arrangement of elements and interaction with them as large and popular companies do. This will make it faster and easier for people to interact with your product, because it will be understandable and familiar. Do not place a notification icon in the lower left corner of the screen, place notifications where users are used to seeing them.

The largest companies, if you pay attention, did the same, removed the color from the main menu and made it white. The trend is simple: minimalism, minimal color accents, lots of space and content in the spotlight.

Life hack: try to create a layout in black and white, and only then add color to it. This will make it easier for you to understand where color accents are really needed, and where you can do without them.

Trend # 3 'Shadows and Gradients'

An old trend that is still relevant today. With the only amendment: more airy, voluminous and lighter options are used. Muted and pastel colors are the best choice. Plus you can use new 3D icons.

The gradients themselves do not stand still, and also evolve. Now you won't surprise anyone with a linear gradient. You need to mix different colors, use an overlay, plus the Color Blur effect has become popular. This option works best for background. Correctly, such gradients are called Mesh Gradients, and they are quite a fresh trend, so there are not many resources on this topic, but a couple of high-quality ones can still be found.

Trend # 4 '3D icons and illustrations'

More and more designers have mastered 3D tools, this also affected libraries, they began to create libraries with such objects.

These are simple shapes, and fairly primitive objects, but they look great and fresh as a visual for projects.

The only problem that will soon make itself felt is the number of such libraries, which is less than those who want to use them, respectively, at some time such objects will become 'hackneyed'.

Therefore, it is advisable not to use free volumetric icons and illustrations now, it is better to order individual graphics from a 3D designer. Over time, there will be more paid collections, so you can safely use them in your projects.

Trend # 5 'Unique and absurd 2D illustrations'

Illustrations, as well as last year, remain in trend. There is only one problem, as with icons, a huge number of similar and accessible illustrations have appeared on the Internet, which greatly depreciates them.

Using free libraries of seemingly good illustrations, they all look the same. They just become boring. Although a couple of years ago, such illustrations were just space. But this does not mean that we must completely abandon them. They can be used, but try to find something unique and different from everything else. Better to create something of your own.

In 2021, original illustrations that are not similar to anything will be in trend. And the bolder they are, the better. 2021 is a golden age for illustrators. They definitely shouldn't be out of work this year.